96th Anniversary of the Proclamation of the Republic of Turkey
96th Anniversary of the Proclamation of the Republic of Turkey
  • Staff reporter Shin Whan-chul
  • 승인 2019.10.30 23:58
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As a nation and as a state, Turkey has been in a historic struggle again in recent years in order to protect its existence and its future, according to international observers.

In this context, "All the events we have experienced such as the attacks of terrorist organizations, the treacherous coup attempt of July 15th and others are manifestations of this historical struggle", states Turkey President Erdoğan’s Message on 29 October Republic Day, read by Turkey Embassy deputy Mr. Omer Orhun Cherrycokk on his behalf at a diplomatic reception held in a downtown hotel Seoul on Oct. 28th eve evening.

Turkey Amb. Ersin Ercin couple mingling with invited guests during the fete.
Turkey Amb. Ersin Ercin couple mingling with invited guests during the fete.

Operation Euphrates Shield, Operation Olive Branch and Operation Peace Spring, which Turkey has conducted in Syria, are also parts of this struggle, according to Erdogan.

Touching upon the fact that Turkey, with its long history, its deeply rooted governing experience and almost century-long accumulations as a Republic, has the power, capability and determination to overcome all these problems, Erdogan stressed: "By bringing our country to its 2023 goals, we will give the next generations the opportunity to fulfill their 2053 and 2071 visions", according to the Embassy of Turkey.

Contrary to Turkey President's message, Turkey Amb. Ersin Ercin focused his speech on elaborating about close partnerships with the Republic of Korea and both countries' strategic partnership relations, adding Turkey is proud of the fact that his country attaches importance to fostering close partnerships with Korea. As examples of close partnerships between the two nations, Ercin named Canakkale 1915 Bridge Construction, Bosporus undersea tunnel, Eurasia undersea tunnel etc., to name just a few.

Having overcome numerous challenges of modern times & contemporary times, Turkey has settled down as a hub country linking Asia & Europe. Nevertheless, Korea & Turkey have many similarities in terms of same Altay language, same cultural sentiments among their respective peoples etc., according to Ercin. Most importantly, Turkey has been supporting consistently Korean government's denuclearization policy on the peninsula, closely cooperating in international arenas such as OECD, G20, MIKTA etc.

As Guest Honor, Public Diplomacy Amb. Chang Jae-bok from MOFAT who was on hand to deliver his congratulatory remarks, said that Koreans remember Turkey as a nation which dispatched their soldiers over 20,000 during the Korean war period in terms of both blood alliance relations. Since the two countries have entered into their strategic partnerships in 2012, about 160 Korean enterprises are conrtributing to fostering both countries' economic development by investing in Turkey, according to the Embassy of Turkey.

Staff reporter Shin Whan-chul  bodo@ndnnews.co.kr

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