Senegal 59th National Day
Senegal 59th National Day
  • Staff reporter Shin Whan-chul
  • 승인 2019.04.27 14:20
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On behlaf of Senegal Amb. Mamadou Gueye FAYE, the Embassy's Charge d'Affaires a.i Mr. Doudou Sow, Minister Counsellor, Embassy of Senega to the Republic of Korea hosted this year's Senegal 59th National Day reception in a dwontown hotel Seoul on April 19th(Friday).

What are most prominent movements in terms of recent Senegal politics, society & economy, seem to be the inauguration ceremony of His Excellency Macky SALL on April 2, 2019 as well as Senegal's Emerging Senegal Plan's implementation, to name just a few from the perspective of Korea.

Senegal Charge d'Affaires a.i. Doudou Sow(center) receiving congratulations from the Seoul Diplomatic Corps. for hosting its 59th Senegal National Day.
Senegal Charge d'Affaires a.i. Doudou Sow(center) receiving congratulations from the Seoul Diplomatic Corps. for hosting its 59th Senegal National Day.

Through his welcome remarks first of all, Doudou Sow expressed his thanks for the excellent relations existing between the two nations which have been recently materialized by sending a high-level Korean delegation to the inauguration ceremony of His Excellency Macky SALL on April 2, 2019.” 

With regard to economic and social development, the implementation of Phase I or Emerging Senegal Plan (PSE), called Priority Action Plan (PAP Ⅰ) 2014-2018, allowed our country to make great leaps in recent years in the fields of infrastructure, energy, education, rural development and support for the most underprivileged, Doudou Sow said. These achievements could have been realized thanks to the mobilization of the national resources and largely to the contribution of the international cooperation as well. he added.

Among the contributing partners, the Republic of Korea occupies a very important place, according to Doudou Sow. Korea supported Senegal in the financing of several projects such as construction of fishing ports, transport vessels, dredging vessels for the Casamance River, and the Sine Saloum inlet, acquisition of a large number of refrigerated trucks, construction and equipment of the international oncology center in Diamniadio, construction of the higher institute of vocational training, to name a few, according to the Embassy of Senegal.

As part of the implementation of Phase Ⅱ of the PSE, planned for the period 2019~2023 with a cost of more than 24 billion $ US, Senegal has gathered the approval of the technical and financial partners as well as the national and international private sector at the Advisory Group Meeting held in Paris on December 17&18, 2018. With their commitment for funding of more than 12 billion $US, in the same vein, Senegal is expecting benefit from the Korean government the same support that it showed during Phase Ⅰ, Doudou Sow said. The main objective of the Priority Action Plan Ⅱ is to continue the achievement of the previous phase with a particular highlight put on the industrial sector.

To sum up its Emerging Senegal, Senegal has decided to adopt a new development model to speed up its march towards emergence. This strategy, named Plan for an Emerging Senegal (PES), forms the reference framework for the country’s economic and social policy over the mid- and long-term. To this end, the Government has initiated the disruptive changes that today allow Senegal to follow a new development path. These changes are reflected in actions designed to sustainably raise growth potential, as well as drive creativity and private initiative to satisfy to people’s aspiration for a better life.

This aspiration is represented by one vision: “An emerging Senegal in 2035, with a cohesive society under the rule of law“. The Government’s Strategic Guidelines that direct the initiatives needed for translating this vision into tangible actions and results for the benefit of population, are based on three priorities aimed at:

1. Bringing about a structural transformation of the economy: by strengthening current drivers of growth and developing new sectors that can create wealth, jobs, and social inclusion with a strong power of attraction for export and investments. This aim is enshrined in the goal of more balanced development, greater promotion of the territory, and a viable economic hub to boost Senegal’s development potential throughout the national territory.

2. Promoting human capital: through a significant improvement of people’s living conditions and a more sustained fight against social inequalities, while preserving the resource base and fostering the emergence of viable territories.

3. Enabling good governance: to strengthen security and stability, protect rights and liberties, consolidate the rule of law and create a setting more conducive to social peace.


Staff reporter Shin Whan-chul

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