Taiwan Double Tenth National Day
Taiwan Double Tenth National Day
  • Staff reporter Jang Soo-hyuck
  • 승인 2018.10.11 16:35
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-This special occasion comes amid renewed confidence in the country’s long-term economic prosperity, Taiwan envoy

Taiwan Double Tenth National Day is the perfect occasion to celebrate Taiwan’s growing global reputation.

New Taiwan envoy Tang Diann Wen touched upon on the occasion of the 107th Taiwan Double Tenth Day through a dinner reception held in a downtown hotel Seoul: “On this special occasion, Taiwan- a modern nation of 23 million peoples, built on the principles of democracy, freedom, human rights and the rule of law, is celebrating such a reputation for having one of the world’s warmest and most welcoming societies”.

What is most noteworthy among past Taiwan Double Tenth Day celebrations as well, is that this special occasion comes amid renewed confidence in the country’s long-term economic prosperity.

Taiwan Double Tenth Day (New Taiwan envoy Tang Diann Wen, second from right, slices congratulatory cake with envoys such as Honduras Amb. Virgilio Paredes Trapero, far right & Paraguay Amb. Irineo Raul Silvero Silvagni, far left)

At the core of this approach is the five-plus-two industrial innovation program, according to Taiwan Mission Korea. This initiative targets the fields of biotech and pharmaceuticals, green energy, national defense, smart machinery and Internet of Things, as well as promotion of two core concepts: the circular economy and a new paradigm for agricultural development.

Also comprising the Asia Silicon Valley project, the policy is transforming Taiwan into a hub of youth entrepreneurship and cutting-edge R&D, Tang Diann Wen spoke in front of about 300 invited guests.

Complementing the initiative is the Forward-looking Infrastructure Development Program which will meet Taiwan’s needs for the next 30 years in related areas like digital infrastructure, railways and talent cultivation.

Moreover, this commitment to boosting innovation-based growth is strengthened by the New Southbound Policy, according to new Taiwan envoy.

A key plank in the government’s national development strategy, the NSP is deepening Taiwan’s cooperation in the areas of agriculture, business, culture, education, tourism and trade with the 10 ASEAN member states, 6 South Asian countries, Australia and New Zealand.

Among the Seoul Diplomatic Corps., Honduras Amb. Virgilio Paredes Trapero, Guatemala Amb. Herbert Esturdo Meneses Coronado, Austria Amb. Michael Schwarzinger and last but not least Paraguay Amb. Irineo Raul Silvero Silvagni showed up for the friendship and cooperations between nations.

Staff reporter Jang Soo-hyuck  bodo@ndnnews.co.kr

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