GSTAR Block Chain Technology to advance to Amazon
GSTAR Block Chain Technology to advance to Amazon
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There is a company that applies block-chain technology to Amazon's shopping mall (

It 's KAN GLOBAL, the startup.

KAN GLOBAL CO., LTD. Is headquartered in Japan and is in the process of entering Korea and other countries.

In particular, KAN GLOBAL is working on various technology alliances with Korea and applying block chain technology to real life.

KAN GLOBAL is using the GSTAR block chain ( to apply it to various realities.

In recent years, the company is making its way to online shopping malls.

Amazon Shopping Mall ( is a global shopping mall that everyone knows.

Here, GSTAR's block chain will be applied to customers who buy GSTAR's products starting in October.

The block chain technology is GOX and its use in shopping malls is one of GSTAR's ecosystems.

GSTAR is committed to using and integrating block-chain technology thoroughly in real life, one by one.

GSTAR aims to build a global ecosystem in 2019 and 2020.

In particular, the GSTAR block chain technology focuses on using mobile devices.

And GSTAR block chain technology uses mobile devices to shop around the world and use it for Internet content.

GSTAR's GOX system minimizes the waste of resources by using mobile devices because existing block chain technology consumes a lot of electricity by using PC, CPU, GPU, ASIC etc. and wastes resources by using expensive parts.

GSTAR wants to apply the GOX block chain technology to shopping malls as well as future education and various online contents.

In the past, while new technologies started from one country and gradually expanded to many countries, the latest technology spreads to the world at about the same time.

This is due to the spread of IT technologies such as the Internet and mobile.

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