FKCCI relocates its office newly to Gangnam area!
FKCCI relocates its office newly to Gangnam area!
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-To hold 2nd FKCCI French Business Awards 2020 on Feb. 27th

FKCCI relocated its office to near POSCO building recently, holding its relocation ceremony while French Amb. Philip Le Fort, FKCCI chairman David Jalicon and last but not least its member French companies’ CEOs were attending in large numbers.

Touching upon the fact that FKCCI opened in late 1986 represents Korea-French community in Korea, David Jalicon stressed through his welcome remarks that FK CCI is a strong partner to usher into successful businesses of yours on both in Korea and in France based on strong networks. Through its digital platforms etc, Jalicon pledged to make its double efforts so that companies can penetrate into Korea & France markets successfully with its tailor-made services supported by career forum, industry innovation etc., to name just a few.

French Amb. Philip Le Fort who was on hand, said that FKCCI has been forging an exemplary cooperative sample with the Embassy, based on friendship & confidence.

FKCCI relocation ceremony.
FKCCI relocation ceremony. (French Amb. Phil,ip, FKCCI chairman Jalicon & former FKCCI chairman Lee Jun, from sixth, fifth & seventh from right respectively, are lined up to take part in it a tape-cutting ceremony.)

For example, FKCCI is scheduled to host its Pro Workshop: Data protection by RALFKAIROS on Feb. 28th in its FKCCI Office Meeting Room to demonstrate its ambitious start & to maximize the usefullness of its meeting room.

With the general use of internet, cloud solutions and social networks, with laws and regulation compliance requirements (GDPR) impacting all company sectors, data protection is now a responsibility shared by many employees, pointed out FK CCI spokeswoman.

Awareness, knowledge and qualifications are keys to work in a secured environment. This multi-module training program is designed to give professionals; -at all levels- an in-depth understanding of cybersecurity issues, she said.

In a word, the Workshop’s objectives are to •Refresh knowledge on cybersecurity fundamentals and provide professional with up-to-date developments of cybersecurity, including specifics of the Korean environment.

•To Provide the appropriate data protection training to personnel having access to systems with the latest strategies to identify, contain, address the IT menaces and vulnerabilities. and thirdly last but not least •To Zoom on specifics topics: privacy, compliance, risk management, penetration testing, ethical hacking, cloud security, vulnerability assessment, cryptography, cybersecurity frameworks.

More importantly, FKCCI is scheduled to hold its 2nd FKCCI French Business Awards 2020 on Feb. 27th evening at the Novotel Gangnam in front of over 100 guests and journalists, according to the Secretariat of FKCCI.

According to FKCCI, The winners will be granted with a whole communication package: a one month online banner on FKCCI website and blogs, a posting on social networks, newsletter and e-mailing, an article in Corée Affaires Magazine, and exposure in front of the French Korean business community during the prize ceremony.

Moreover, the winners will also receive international recognition. The international network of French CCI abroad, CCI France International, organizes every year a Trophy Ceremony at the end of June where all worldwide award winners can compete. The 2020 edition will be held on June 29th, under the guidance of Mr. Antoine FREROT, CEO of Veolia.

To apply, FKCCI Secretariat recommended to discover the 6 categories opened this year below (Corporate Social Responsibility, Entrepreneur, French Korean Partnership, Innovation, Start-up and Best Korean Company Settlement in France).


This Award is granted to companies, which demonstrated that their commercial deals and their strategies are involved in social, ethical and environmental concerns or in human right concerns.


This Award is granted to companies, created in Korea by at least one French citizen who didn't receive help from France, also offering fascinating outlook and having achieved remarkable growth in 2019.


This Award is for successful associations between French and Korean companies, with the aim of encouraging technology sharing or expertise. These associations may, for example, take the form of a joint-venture.


This Award is granted to companies, having developed a technological innovation, which contributed to commercial growth for France internationally in 2019.


This Award is granted to companies recently created by at least one French citizen, distinguished by its creativity, originality, dynamics, growth prospects or capacity to raise funds.


This Award is granted to companies that have invested in France for the last 3 or 4 years, with significant contributions in terms of job creation, innovation, economic impact on the territory of France and investment achieved.

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