The 38th Yongpyong International Ski Festival
The 38th Yongpyong International Ski Festival
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-The festival takes pride in being the nation’s only international ski festival: Sweden envoy Hallgren

From the year 2020, Sweden envoy H.E. Jakob Hallgren assumed Committee Chairman position of Yongpyong Ski Festival following 3 years duty of former Denmark Amb. Thomas Lehmann, according to YongPyong Resort.

Sweden envoy Hallgren couple(left) chatting with vice governor Woo Byung-ryul from Gangwon Province(center)  while Norway Amb. couple & Germany Amb. couple were sitting together.

As of this year, YongPyong International Ski Festival greeted its 38th Anniversary, regarding ‘Endless Friendship’ as its motto. Without the exception this year as well, YongPyong Resort hosted its International Ski Festival last week, attracting more than 300 participants from home & abroad including members from the Seoul Diplomatic Corps. From Diplomatic Corps, Sweden Amb. Jakob Hallgren with their families, EU Amb. Michael Reiterer & Mme., Norway Amb. Frode Solverg & Mme, Germany Amb. Stephan AUER & Mme., New Zealand Amb. Philip Turner & his Japanese partner Hiroshi Ikeda, Georgia Amb. Otar Berdzenishi & Mme., Romania Amb. Mihai Ciompec & Mme., Slovakia Amb. Jan Kuderjan & Mme., Bulgaria Amb. Petko Draganov, Netherlands Amb. Joanne Doornewaard and Denmark Amb. Einar Hebogard Jensen etc. joined to this year’s YongPyong International Ski Festival.

Award presentation ceremony of the 39th YongPyong Internatioanl Ski Festival.
Award presentation ceremony of the 39th YongPyong Internatioanl Ski Festival.

Upon arriving on Feb. 7th evening at YongPyong Resort, participants were welcomed with its welcome reception, hearing competition overview etc. On the second day (Feb. 8th.), participants took part in its Ski & Snowboard Competition including Alpine ski and snowboard races which were held both on Pink & New Red Slope. In the evening, its Award Ceremony & Bangquet which was held at BlissHill Stay’s Wellness Hall became another friendship’s venue between participants and more importantly envoys from the Seoul Diplomatic Coprs because special prizes were awarded to the best decorated table etc.

Shouting ‘Phatastisch’ several times, Sweden Amb. Jakob Hallgren said on the podium to commemorate its Award Ceremony & Bangquet: “The festival takes pride in being the nation’s only international ski festival, with approximately 300 participants from 25 different countries taking part each year”, adding our slogan ‘Endless Friendship’ is based upon our 38 year history, promoting greater fellowship by bringing families of all nationalities together to enjoy a weekend of festivities.

As capacity of Committee Chairman who promotes YongPyong International Ski Festival, Hallgren pledged that YongPyong Ski Resort will continue to be a place where children and adults of every ethnicity can come together and build everlasting friendship, pointing out through the 2018 PyeongChang Olympic Winter Games, the wintyer sports has become more popular in Korea. The festival gala party, held in the evening, included a medal presentation ceremony, a national table decoration competition and last but not least various other cultural events including K-pop performance.

Diplomatic Coprs. enjoying its banquet.

According to YongPyong Resort, the YongPyong International Ski Festival has been since 1983 for the development of the domestic ski culture as well as promoting good fellowship amongst foreign residents stationed in Korea. Successive Committee Chairmen in the past were ex-Norway Amb. Nils Axel Nissen (1983-1986), ex-France Amb. Gean-Bernard Ouvrieu (1987), ex-Canada Amb. Reginald H. Dorrett (1988), ex-Switzerland Amb. Hans-Peter Erismann (1989), ex-Austria Amb. Felix Mikl(1990-1993), ex-Norway Amb. Gunnar H. Lindeman (1994-1995), ex-Ireland Amb. Brendan Moran (1996-1999), ex-Norway Amb. Torolf Raa (2000-2001), ex-Switzerland Amb. Christian Muhlethaler (2002-2004), ex-Sweden Amb. Harald Sandberg (2005), ex-Switzerland Amb. Christian Hauswirt((2006-2007), ex-Norway Amb. Didrik Tonseth(2008-2011), ex-Ireland Amb. Eamonn Mckee (2012-20`13), ex-Belgium Amb. Francois Bontemps(2014-2016), ex-Denmark Amb. Thomas Lehmann(2017-2019) respectively while currently, Sweden Amb. Jakob Hallgren assumes its Committee Chairman.

On the third day, participant Amb. attended the 2020 PyeongChang Peace Forum, joining separately to each session regarding its key note speeches.

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