49th Oman National Day
49th Oman National Day
  • Staff reporter Shin Whan-chul
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“The potential of cooperation between Oman and Korea is wide and spacious.”: Oman envoy Alharthy

Oman’s diplomatic approach is based on tolerance, understanding and peace. In that regard, Oman has been regarded as a venue for deeping peace and last but not least dialogue in the world.

On the occasion of his country’s Oman 49th National Day, Oman envoy H.E. Mohamed Salim Alharthy touched upoᆞ2n Oman’s foreign policy, his country’s major economic policy, bilateral relations between Korea & Oman which stretches to over one thousand years and last but not least Oman’s 2040 national vision etc. through its diplomatic reception which was held at a downtown hotel Seoul on Nov. 20th noon.

Oman envoy Alharthy observing his country's 49th National Day with Diplomatic Corps. through its diplomatic reception.

What is noteworthy, is that Oman envoy Alharthy has been serving as Oman Amb. to Korea over almost 9 & half years, thus serving as Dean of the Diplomatic Corps. at the samt time according to the tradition in which the oldest-served Amb. among the Seoul Diplomatic Corps. assumes its Dean role.

In recognition his outstanding role & responsibility as Dean of Diplomatic Corps., NDNnews(www.ndnnews.co.kr) & its cultural wing organization Korea Culture Amb. Friendship Association are scheduled to bestow the 2019 Top Amb. Award upon Oman envoy H.E. Mohamed Salim Alharthy on 2 p.m, Nov. 26th(next Tuesday) at the 20th floor Intl Conference Hall, Korea Press Center.

Oman envoy
Oman envoy commemorating his country's 49th National Day with Health Minister Park Neung-hoo & Diplomatic Corps.

During his assignment period as Oman Amb. which started since March, 2010, Oman Excellency has been attending in many regional trip invitations organized by the NDNnews & Korea Culture Amb. Friendship Association including Daegu My Hometown Love Festival, Moonkyung Saejae tour etc. in addtion to many travel exhibitions participation like Kintex Korea Tourism Show etc. Since several years ago, Oman Amb. Alharthy has been serving as Adviror of the Korea Culture Amb. Friendship Assoiciation, showing his keen interest to foster friendship & partnership with Korea Culture Amb. Friendship Association.

Through his English contribution article to the Seoulcity magazine which was inserted into its Nov. issue this year, Oman envoy said: “Oman economy is based on principles of openness to global markets and economic diversification. The investment opportunities and incentives offered by Oman have enabled to attract local and foreign investors. Among these advantages being security, political stability and a climate of economic freedom that permits foreigners to own projects, beside other facilities in varies industrial areas and free economic zones. Oman has fostered immense developmental march forward to put the Omani economy on track for a new phase of growth: The Oman 2040 Vision, which begins to be implemented in 2021, following the success of Oman 2020 Vision focusing on economic diversification and attracting foreign investments.”

Oman envoy Alharthy guiding Oman photo exhbition within the reception venue.

As aforementioned, Oman’s foreign policy is clear, transparent and objective at all political, economic and cultural levels. It is based on building bridges of friendship and to extend cooperation and good relations to other states on the solid ground of mutual respect, and non-interference in internal affairs. Oman is adopting an approach based on values of peace, co-existence, tolerance, dialogue and cooperation, as well as respect for principles of justice and equality.

Last but not least, Oman-Korea relations date back more than a thousand years, when Omani merchants met their Korean counterparts on their way to China during Shilla dynasty way back during Silk Road. In modern times, Oman-Korea diplomatic relations was established in 1974. Since then, Oman-Korea relations witnessed a remarkable development in various fields and the trade volume has increased and even expected to double in the coming years due to large engagements and investment opportunities and partnership between Oman and Korea, according to Alharthy.

Mme. Azza Alharthy, Oman Amb's spouse(seventh from left, front row) marking her country's 49th Oman National Day with wives of Diplomatic Corps. on the podium.

In closing, Oman envoy didn’t forget to add: “We would like to invite Korean companies to take the opportunity to participate in these projects and investments. I would like also to invite the Korean people to visit Oman, explore the heritage and culture, tourism land marks beside the beautiful geological landscape and adventure. The embassy is keen on providing support and cooperation to Koreans as tourists or business.” Please refer to our Nov. issue of The Seoulcity magazine regarding Oman Amb. Alharthy's contribution article.

Staff reporter Shin Whan-chul  hello_ww@naver.com

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