Ambs' Message about President Moon Jae-in reception held in the Blue House Garden Nokjiwon
Ambs' Message about President Moon Jae-in reception held in the Blue House Garden Nokjiwon
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With a view to encouraging Diplomatic Corps. in Seoul for their endeavours to increase cooperations & friendships between Korea & their respective countries, President Moon Jae-in hosted his first reception for the Seoul Diplomatic Corps. since his inauguration ago about two & half years at Nokjiwon, Blue House Garden on Oct. 18th afternoon which shows President Moon’s commitment & will to communicate with Diplomatic Corps. more well & efficiently. About their impressions which attended the reception, the Seoul Diplomatic Corps. sent their messages as follows: -Ed.

H.E Ramzi Teymurov, Azerbaijan Amb. to the Republic of Korea
I feel privileged and honored
to be invited to the reception
hosted by H.E. Mr. Moon Jaein,
President of the Republic
of Korea for the members of
Diplomatic Corps held on
October 18, 2019.
It was indeed a meaningful
event and an honor to have a
chance to discuss cooperation
opportunities in bilateral relations between the Republic of
Azerbaijan and the Republic of Korea with H.E. President,
Cabinet Ministers, members of National Assembly and
other high ranking officials of the Government of the
Republic of Korea.
As stated by H.E. President Moon Jae-in on his official
speech at the reception, we hope for permanent peace on
the Korean Peninsula and realization of the initiative by
President turning the DMZ into an international peace
I express my deep gratitude to H. E. President Moon
Jae-in for the invitation to the reception and looking
forward to similar meetings in the future.

H.E Saeed Badamchi Shabestari
Ambassador of the Islamic Republic of Iran
It is my great pleasure
and honor to use such an
opportunity to share my
remarks with its respected
readers of Seoul City magazine
Under His Excel lenc y
President Moon Jae-in’s vision
for peace progress on Korean
peninsula, I sincerely hope that
confronting problem on Korean
peninsula will be solved in a peaceful manner and also
hope to witness peaceful unification, coexistence and
especially denuclearization in Korean peninsula.
Every country in the world aspire for denuclearization
in all regions and pursue world security and stability.
The denuclearization is imminent goal for international
community, in this era.
I earnestly hope to witness denuclearization in all over
the world especially, in Northeast Asia and Middle East, in
compliance with treaty and international commitment.
Once again, while extending my earnest hope for
peaceful unification of the Korean peninsula, I wish
success, progress and prosperity for government and
nation of Korea
Thank you.

H.E. Hayder Shiya Al-Barrak, Iraq Amb. to the Republic of Korea
It was so impressive to visit
Nokjiwon, Chung Wa Dae for
reception with all of Head of
Missions in Korea. Thanks to
President and First lady of the
Republic of Korea,
It was meaningful and
valuable time to be more
cooperative and sustainable
development among Iraq, Korea
and other countries. And also Nokjiwon, Green garden of
Chung Wa Dae was so beautiful and naturally incredible.
So it was wonderful memorable experience for me. Thank



H.E Mrs. Kemelova Dinara, Kyrgyz Amb. to the Republic of Korea
The Ambassador of the Kyrgyz Republic to the Republic of
Korea, Mrs. Kemelova Dinara, had the honor to participate in
the official reception of H.E.
Moon Jae-in, President of the
Republic of Korea and the First
Lady on October 18, 2019.
This was a great opportunity
to discuss briefly with H.E.
President of South Korea the perspectives of further
expansion of friendly relations between the Kyrgyz
Republic and the Republic of Korea. The diplomatic corps
in Seoul had an opportunity to listen to President's speech
on the prospects of foreign policy of the Republic of Korea
and on the efforts of Korean diplomacy at the global
and regional levels in maintaining peace and providing
sustainable development.
In turn, the Embassy notes that the Kyrgyz Republic
supports the initiatives of the Republic of Korea on inter-
Korean negotiations on full denuclearization to ensure
lasting peace and stability on the Korean peninsula. The
Kyrgyz side positively assesses the initiative voiced by H.E.
Moon Jae-in during the 74th meeting of the UN General
Assembly on transforming the demilitarized zone (DMZ)
into an International Peace Zone.

H.E. Chafik Rachadi, Morocco Amb. to the Republic of Korea
It was a great pleasure
attending the reception for
foreign ambassadors hosted
by His Excellency President
Moon Jae-in on 18th October.
I was deeply impressed with
His Excellency’s heartwarming
hospitality. I could feel ‘Jeong’,
Korea’s unique feeling of
warmth, through his cordial and
humane welcome.
On the other hand, His Excellency President Moon’s
proposal to turn the Demilitarized Zone, a symbol of
tragic war and division, into an International Peace Zone
is a highly significant plan for a better future.
I extend my reassurance in supporting His Excellency’s
endeavor to accomplish everlasting peace on the Korean
Peninsula. Walking our path to the bright future, I pray
for continued success, prosperity and happiness of this
country and its people.

Ambassador Mohamed Alharthy Dean of the
Diplomatic Corps in the Republic of Korea
His Excellency Mr. Moon Jaein,
President of the Republic of
Korea and Mrs Kim Jung Sook,
Distinguished officials &
business leaders,
Excellencies, Ladies and
May peace be upon you all
In my capacity as the Dean of
the Diplomatic Corps, and the
Ambassador of the Sultanate of Oman to the Republic of
Korea, it is my great honour and privilege to address your
excellencies at this evening’s grand reception.
On behalf of all the members of the Diplomatic Corps, I
express our profound gratitude for your kind invitation to
us despite the busy schedule.
We are honored by this invitation as it shows your keen
interest on the initiatives of the Diplomatic missions in
further strengthening their respective mutual ties with
Despite coming from seven different continents with
diverse cultures, cordiality and the hospitality of the
Korean people and its Government have touched our
hearts and minds, and, we are obliged to feel that Korea
is our second home, since our arrival in this beautiful
I would like to take this opportunity to extend our
sincere thanks also to the honorable Advisors of the
Blue House, other government Ministries, and agencies,
especially to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, including
the non-government organizations, for their continued
support and cooperation in our endeavors.
Mr. President,
I would like to take this opportunity to pay tribute and
congratulations to your Excellency, the government and
people of the ROK for all the remarkable achievements
and stunning success story that have been accomplished
throughout the history till today.
We also commend your peace initiatives through the
summit diplomacy which rekindled hope, eased tension,
built-up “mutual confidence and trust” in the inter-
Korean relations and heralded an environment of peace
and security in the Korean peninsula.
As envisioned by you, Mr. President, we also earnestly
hope for the early transformation of the DMZ into an
international peace zone,
Mr. President, ladies, and gentlemen,
I would like to conclude by the famous saying, “If there
is to be peace in the world, there must be peace in the
nations”. And “when the power of love overcomes the
love, of power, the world will know peace.” It is not wealth
or splendor, but tolerance, understanding, and coexistence
that lead to constructive dialogue and negotiation which
brings happiness, success, and peace.
As diplomats we always stand in support of dialogue in
addressing all disputes and conflicts. Therefore, with the
goal of achieving peace, we extend our best wishes to you
in realizing this aspiration at the fullest at all levels.
We also, extend our reassurances in supporting your
efforts in public diplomacy and working with you all, in
building a lasting friendship and stronger partnership
between our respective nations and the Republic of Korea.
In conclusion, we all hope and pray for the everlasting
peace, greater achievements and prosperity of the Korean
peninsula and the world as a whole.
I wish you all continuous success, happiness, and peace.
May God bless you all.
Thank you. Chanting for peace.

The President Moon Jae-In's
meeting with Members of the
Diplomatic Corps, on October 18,
2019, was an excellent occasion to
personally greet H.E. the President
of the Republic of Korea and the
distinguished First Lady of the
As the Diplomatic Representative
of the Republic of Paraguay,
together with my wife, I deliver the respectful greetings
of the President of the Republic of Paraguay, H.E. Mario
Abdo Benitez and his wishes for the continues success of his
functions as Head of the Government of this great country,
the Republic of Korea. President Abdo Benitez hopes to
further deepen the very positive relationship of friendship
and cooperation between Korea and Paraguay, during the
Government of President Moon Jaen-in.
In 2019, the Republic of Paraguay and the Republic of
Korea celebrate their 57 years of diplomatic relations. In
this period, Paraguay has demonstrated its support for this
great Asian nation in the various multilateral forums, and
fundamentally in the context of the United Nations. Likewise,
the Republic of Korea is one of the most important strategic
partners of Paraguay.
We express our gratitude to the People and Government of
the Republic of Korea for its continuous cooperation actions,
through the efficient work of the Cooperation Agency of
the Republic of Korea (KOICA), and other institutions,
in different sectors, particularly in the areas of health,
education, vocational training of human resources, rural
development, technology transfer, planning and construction
of infrastructures.
The Korean development model, called the "Han River
Miracle", is an emblematic example in the world, which
the Paraguayan Government takes into account for the
implementation of its own policies.
Finally, the Republic of Paraguay will continue to support
the Government of H.E. President Moon in the settlement of
international disputes through peaceful means. Paraguay is a
firm believer that dialogue is the path to achieve meaningful
and long-lasting agreements for peace and prosperity in the
Korean Peninsula.

H.E. Daúl Matute Mejia Ambassador of Perú Republic of Korea
As Ambassador of Peru in Korea
I was very pleased to attend the
reception hosted by His Excellency
President Moon Jae-in, held in
the Blue House on Oct. 18th and
deliver to him the special salutation
of the President of Peru, Mr. Martin
Vizcarra and thanks him all the
support that Korea gives to Peru in
several fields including International
Regarding the peace process and the initiatives promoted by
President Moon, I can express that Peru is a very good partner
and strategic ally of Korea and, at all levels, has manifested its
will to support and contribute with the desire to achieve the
peace in the Korean peninsula.
Likewise, Peru and Korea share a deep concern in the
Climate Change issue. Peru has been very active on promoting
the Agreement of Paris in Climate Change, and has been taken
firm steps to consolidate a clean and sustainable economy.
Korea has contributed with us in this matter through one
of the main lines of cooperation which is Environmental
Protection in Peru.

Message of H.E. Mamadou Gueye FAYE, Ambassador
of Senegal in Seoul
Like all countries cherishing
peace and peaceful coexistence
among peopl e s , Senegal
welcomes the initiatives of
H.E. Mr. Moon Jae-in to
transform the DMZ into a zone
of international peace, which
will be the symbol of mutually
beneficial cooperation for
social progress of peoples of the
Korean peninsula, as well as his strong will to establish a
definitive peace between the two Koreas and in all areas of
tension around the world.
Regarding the climate change, the Government of
Senegal wishes that, in view of the implementation of the
Paris Climate Agreement, the 2nd P4G Summit scheduled
for June 2020 in Korea will promote the concerted
approach between the different parties and the pooling of
resources in order to achieve the objectives of sustainable

H,.E. Juan Ignacio Morro Ambassador of Spain
I would like to congratulate
President Moon Jae-in for the
wonderful initiative of bringing
together the Diplomatic Corps
accredited in Seoul, to the
reception that took place last
October 18th. It was a great
satisfaction for all Ambassadors
and Chargés d’Affaire to be able
to greet the President and the
First Lady, and especially for me, on the eve of the State
Visit of Their Majesties the King and Queen of Spain to
Korea, which took place on 23rd and 24th of October.
I hope that you could keep this initiative in the future
since it is very helpful to the diplomatic corps and
extremely valuable to maintain contact with the highest
authority of this great country.

H.E. Abdullah Saif Alnuaimi Ambassador of the UAE
The reception hosted by His
Excellency President Moon Jaein
for foreign ambassadors and
their spouses at the Blue House
on October 18 is a meaningful
get-together between the
honorable President and foreign
The event accentuates
President Moon’s high-level
diplomacy with nations around the world. It creates a
good opportunity for the ambassadors to get closer to
the Moon administration’s policies in a number of issues
of global interest including peace, political stability,
sustainable growth, preservation of the environment,
co-existence, tolerance, etc. It also helps in the spread of
information on these policies globally.
The above-mentioned policies are in line with the ones
in effect in my country, United Arab Emirates, which
maintains Special Strategic Partnership with the Republic
of Korea. Thus, the reception reinforces and enhances the
Partnership between the two friendly countries in all its

Diplomatic Corps.

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