2019 Brazil National Day
2019 Brazil National Day
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-Korea-Mercosur FTA agreement will provide Korea with an opportunity to preoccupy Mercosur market rather than China & Japan: Brazil envoy Lopes

H.E Luis Henrique Sobreira Lopez, Amb of Brazil, Assemblyman Won Hye-young who serves as Chairman of Korea-Brazil Parliamentary Friendship Group, and last but not least Chairman Choi Shin-won of SK Networks who serves as president of Korea-Brazil Friendship Society rose on the podium to mark 2019 Brazil National Day as well as the 60th anniversary of the diplomatic ties between Korea & Brazil.

Among Brazil Amb. Lopez's speech contents held in the Walker Hall, Grand Walkerhill Seoul on Sep. 5th evening, Korea's Mercosur advancement attracted many attention & interest from the partcipants including Diplomatic Corps because South America is the representative new emerging consumer marekt which surpasses ASEAN, our main market currently.

Brazil envoy Lopes couple(right) talking with Portugal Amb. Calves (left) at the reception venue.
Brazil envoy Lopes couple(right) talking with Portugal Amb. Calves (left) at the reception venue.

Even though Mercosur market including Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay is a grand consumer market reaching to 1.6 trillion dollars, Mercosur is assessed to be the most closed market among economic integration systems between nations.

If Korea-Mercosur FTA agreement will be concluded during the first half of next year whose ratification is expected to boost investment trade and job creations between the two counterparts, it will provide Korea with an opportunity to preoccupy Mercosur market rather than China & Japan because in particular Korea is the first TA counterpart among Asian countries, said Lopes.

In conjunction with the 60th anniversary of the diplomatic ties between Korea & Brazil, Lopes valued highly about the presence of about 60,000 Korean immigrants in terms of their contribution for the Brazil economic development who constitute the largest Korean immigrant society in Latin America.

On the other hand, The Embassy of Brazil has been commemorating the 60th anniversary of diplomatic ties between the two countries by holding artist Cheon Ok-hee art exhibition in Seoul, citizen university connected with the Embassy of Brazil in partnership with the Metropolitan Government of Seoul City, to name just a few. On Sep. 17, a lecture by Brazil Amb. Luis Henrique Sobreira Lopes will be prepared at the Embassy of Brazil, according to the Embassy.

Brazil Amb. Luis couple(center) taking group photo with Brazil community in Korea to mark their country's National Day.

About the non-governmental diplomatic activities of Assemblyman Won Hye-young who has been leading Korea-Brazil Parliamentary Friendship Group since 2003 and Chairman Choi Shin-won who leads Korea-Brazil Friendship Society as well, Amb. Lopes valued very highly from the point of view to strengthen people-to-people exchanges in a non-governmental way.

By recognizing Brazil top envoy Lopes's enthusiastic efforts to boost diplomatic friendship on the occasion of the 60th anniversary of diplomatic ties between Korea & Brazil, The NDNnews bestowed the 2019 Intl Friendship Amb. Award upon Brazil Amb. as follows at the Korea Press Center on August 7th. -Ed

2019 Intl Friendship Amb. Award


Ambassador of Brazil to the Republic of Korea

Since presenting credentials on Dec., last year, Your Excellency has been enthusiastic and has not been sparing any efforts to promote 60 years Korea-Brazil diplomatic relations including the 8th Korea-Brazil Business Forum, the 3rd Seoul Sky Global Culture Festival, The Greatest Party on earth-Rio’s Carnival photo exhibition, to name just a few.

Korea & Brazil have been developing close cooperative relations continuously in various areas such as politics, economy, society and culture since establishing diplomatic ties in 1959 and are expected to develop rapidly as a comprehensive strategic partnership relation for the common prosperity of the 21st century through exchange visit of Summits, among others.

Moreover, Brazil Embassy’s mission to promote a better knowledge of Brazil in Korea pays off thanks to aggressive Your Excellency’s efforts after the arrival last year, a nation which is the 5th largest and the 5th most populous country in the world, endowed with vast natural resources and that pursues economic development associated with social justice and environmental preservation.

In recognition of Your Excellency's such excellent diplomatic activities & dedication as Brazil top envoy in terms of promoting cooperations and relationships between Korea & Brazil including Diplomatic Corps., The NDNnews & SeoulCity magazine bestow 2019 Intl Friendship Amb. Award upon Your Excellency.

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