Peru 198th Independence Day anniversary
Peru 198th Independence Day anniversary
  • Staff reporter Shin Whan-chul
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-Special significance to pave the way for the country’s 200th Independence after 2 years

For Peru, its 198th Independence Day anniversary this year holds a special significance to pave the way for the country’s 200th Independence after 2 years, according to Peru envoy Daul Jesus Enrique Matute-mejia.

To mark such an important occasion, Peru Amb. Matute-mejia & Mme. Maria Gabriela de Matute threw a dinner reception with its commercial attaches as well as defense attaches for the Seoul Diplomatic Corps. including Korean partners such as deputy minister Yoon Soon-gu from MOFAT, CEOs from sponsor companies like SK Innovation, Booyoung Group, Dowha Engineering, medias etc.

What was most impressive during Peru envoy Matute-mejia’s speech held at a downtown hotel Seoul on July 26th last Friday evening, was that he stressed the two countries’ distant geographic distance has been covered by the strengths of both nations in the meanwhile.

Peru envoy Matute-mejia
Peru envoy Matute-mejia (center) who underscored this year's Peru Independence's special significance to pave the way for the country’s 200th Independence after 2 years

In that regard, Korea-Peru FTA effectuation in 2011, comprehensive strategic partnership agreement between the two nations in 2012 etc., to name just a few, contributed for Korea to becoming to the 4th largest trade commerce country in terms of Peru, according to the Embassy.

As regarding the latest 6th Meeting of ROK-Peru High-Level Political Consultations held in Lima, Peru from June 11 to 13, Deputy Minister for Political Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Yoon Soon-gu, together with Ambassador Jaime Antonio Pomareda Montenegro, Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs of Peru who has served Peru Amb. to the Republic of Korea as well, reviewed the relations between the two countries; and discussed ways to promote economic and substantive cooperation; consular and multilateral cooperation; and the situations on the Korean Peninsula and in Latin America.

Deputy Minister Yoon asked the Peruvian government, which is currently holding the presidency pro tempore of the Pacific Alliance (PA), to render active support, on the occasion of the PA Summit in Lima in July 2019, to start as soon as possible negotiations on the ROK’s accession to the PA as one of its associate members.

​Deputy Minister Yoon asked the Peruvian government to pay attention to Korean enterprises’ bids to join a variety of its infrastructure projects. The Deputy Minister, relaying challenges facing Korean investors in Peru, requested that Peru cooperate toward a smooth resolution of those challenges. The two sides agreed to work together to broaden the scope of cooperation to new areas, such as the e-government system, smart cities and the intelligent transportation system (ITS), etc., according to MOFAT.

During his Address to the Nation on the occasion of Independence Day anniversary celebrations, Peruvian President Martin Vizcarra mentioned the actions undertaken by his administration over the past year and announced the guidelines that will be followed this year within this framework, according to Peru local journalism andina.

Peru Amb. Matute-mejia couple mingling with guests during the fete to mark Peru 198th Independence Anniversary.
Peru Amb. Matute-mejia couple (third & fourth from right) mingling with guests during the fete to mark Peru 198th Independence Anniversary.

From the standpoint of the NDNnews & its affiliate organization Korea Culture Amb. Friendship Association as well, Peru envoy & Madame have been regular participants for our regional trip invitations programs including Incheon Global Campus trip during last 2 consecutive years, Hwacheon Tomato festival last year, to name just a few as well.

In particular, Peru envoy Matute-mejia received this year’s Friendship Amb. Award on March 11 from us at the Memorial Hall, National Assembly in recognition of his excellent diplomatic activities & dedication as Peru top envoy.

The following was a flague content for him. -Ed.

2019 Friendship Amb. Award

H.E Daúl MATUTE-MEJIA, Ambassador of Peru to the Republic of Korea

Your Excellency has been showing special interest & affection in forging friendship & cooperation with the NDNnews( & Korea Culture Ambassador Friendship Association by taking part in several trip programs including the Incheon Global Campus trip etc., organized by us for mutual win-win partnerships & cooperations.
Holding plenty of experience and studies in financial, trade and regional economic organizations such as APEC, Your Excellencty has been showing aspirations since presenting credentionals on April last year.: "One of the most important goals that I want to achieve during my Mission in Korea is deepening economic relations between Peru and Korea. Attracting and diversifying Korean investment in Peru and widening the trade in non-traditional exports are fundamental to this end."
In recognition of Your Excellency's such excellent activities & dedication as Peru top envoy in terms of being in the van of strengthening bilateral exchange cooperations as well as boosting Latin American countries image beyond just Peru's image, The NDNnews & SeoulCity magazine bestow 2019 Friendship Amb. Award upon Your Excellency.

Staff reporter Shin Whan-chul

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