The popularity of GSTAR(GOX) mining game is peak
The popularity of GSTAR(GOX) mining game is peak
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GSTAR(GOX) Model Songhee Lee

The mining game of GSTAR(GOX) has been launched, and it is attracting huge popularity to users in the global market. Before the game started, there were 35,000 users signed up, and users continue to sign up in July when the beta test is in progress.

It is the world's first to have tens of thousands of users of Blockchain games in one month. The number of users targeted by GSTAR(GOX) is 100,000. When a lot of users gather, the business model is settled.

The game of GSTAR(GOX) is a 45 second game. It is a game based on Blockchain, not a general game, and it is a platform that can easily be mined anywhere in the world. No electricity or hardware is required for mining, and anyone can mine through games without expert knowledge.

Users familiar with the GSTAR(GOX) business model are welcome to GSTAR(GOX). If the existing game is a game consuming tokens, GSTAR(GOX) game is the game which users increase their tokens. It is natural that users who are attracted to this point are interested in GSTAR(GOX).

GSTAR(GOX) has already completed the main-net in March, and it is currently in beta service of game for 15 days in July. We look forward to seeing how user-centric GSTAR(GOX) will hit Blockchain-based platforms worldwide.

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