The 5th Thai Festival
The 5th Thai Festival
  • Staff reporter Shin Whan-chul
  • 승인 2019.04.21 23:57
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-Facilitator between bilateral relations as well as a symbol of their long relations between Korea & Thailand

With its ‘So Thai Festival’, the 5th Thai Festival was reborn newly to showoff Thailand’s lifestyle as well as its original ideas.

Group photo with Thailand Amb. Singtong couple.

On last Sat. (April 20th) noon, the Embassy of Thailand hosted its annual Thai Festival in the Chenggye-cheon Stream while many ASEAN envoys were on hand including Indonesia Amb. Umar Hadi couple, Singapore Amb. Yip Wei Kiat, Honduras Amb. Trapero couple, Laos Amb. Boupha couple, Vietnam Amb. Nguyen Vu Tu couple in addition to Myanmar Amb. & new-accredited Malaysia Amb. couple.

From left, Myanmar, Vietnam and Singapore envoy looking around Thai booth at the 5th Thai Festival while a woman guide ushers them.

Last year, a total of 31,500 visitors dropped by the 4th Thailand Festival, according to the Embassy of Thailand. Thailand Amb. Singtong said through his welcome remarks at the opening ceremony that Thai Festival will serve not only as a facilitator between bilateral relations but also as a symbol of their long relations between Korea & Thailand.

Intl relations Amb. Lim Geun-hyung from the Seoul Metropolitan Government also said that on behalf of Mayor Park Won-soon & a total of 10 million Seoul citizens, he sincerely congratulates for the Embassy of Thailand to host its peculiar Thailand Festival which shows Thailand’s capacity in addition to boosting Thailand tourism.

Staff reporter Shin Whan-chul

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