Germany Unification Day 2018
Germany Unification Day 2018
  • Staff reporter Kim Hyo-jung
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- Germany’s unification experiences are very valuable opportunities for us to benchmark.

In terms of Korea which has to prepare its peaceful unification, Germany’s unification experiences are very valuable opportunities for us to benchmark.

In that regard, Germany Unification Day 2018 reception commemorating its 28th anniversary threw many suggestions. First off, Germany Amb. Stephan AUER pointed out their willingness & passion from East German citizens toward Germany’s reunification.

“My country, too, experienced a historic transformation that may have seemed even unlikelier, the unification of East and West Germany. Like South Koreans, East Germans showed courage and persistence in taking to the streets demanding their inalienable human rights, freedom, peace and democracy”, said AUER through his article contributed to a local webzine at the beginning of this year.

Germany Amb. Stephan AUER
(From left, Germany Amb. Stephan AUER & Minister Kim Pan-suk from the Ministry of Personnel Management during the 2018 Germany Unity Day reception. (Courtesy: Embassy of Germany, Seoul)

They achieved something both historic and historical, peacefully and without bloodshed. The culmination of this development was the fall of the Berlin Wall, the symbol of a divided Europe for over 28 years, which resulted in Germany’s reunification only one year later, according to AUER.

As a guest honor, Minister Kim Pan-suk from the Ministry of Personnel Management who was on hand, said that President Moon proposed East Asia Railway Community which was benchmarked from Europe’s Steel & Coal Community in which Germany played a leading role for the birth of current EU.

Also Germany Unification Day 2018 showed Germany Contemporary Excellence exhibition in order to boast Germany’s excellence in various industry areas as well as to show “Germany works” which symbolizes its excellence in auto industry, IT market, infra logistics etc. to name just a few to function an engine of Europe.

In connection with Germany Unification, it is significant that President Moon Jae-in announced the Berlin Initiative that outlines his administration’s North Korea policies to dissolve the Cold War structure and to establish lasting peace on the Korean Peninsula, at Berlin's Old City Hall during his visit to Germany last year.

The Berlin Initiative can be summarized by five policy directions: pursuing peace on the Korean Peninsula, pursuing denuclearization on the Korean Peninsula, building a permanent peace, designing new economic plans for the region, and maintaining non-political interactions. It also comprises of four suggestions: resuming the reunions of separated families, realizing a “peace Olympics” at the PyeongChang 2018 Olympic and Paralympic Games, halting mutual hostile action, and resuming inter-Korean conversations.

From the standpoint of the NDNnews as well, NDNnews bestowed Best Amb. Award on Germany Amb. Stephan AUER last year in recognition of Amb. AUER’s excellent bridge role.

In terms of widening diplomacy horizons with Europe since the inauguration of President Moon Jae-in, Republic of Korea, Your Excellency laid new groundwork for bilateral diplomacy by carrying out Germany envoy role excellently on the occasion of President Moon's Germany Official Visit during July 5-6 by the invitation of Chancellor Angela Merkel as well as G20 Summit Hamburg, said the plague.

For Korea, Germany is an ideal partner to share strategic cooperations in diverse areas, giving us ceaseless inspiration and momentum of cooperation including coexistence & compromise, strong SMEs, warm market economy, international responsibility consciousness and experience of division & unification, to name just a few.

President Moon's Germany visit served as an important part in the processes of going forward for the Republic of Korea to the peace unification on the peninsular, to say nothing of confirming Germany's cooperation to solve North Korea's nuclear issues.

Following both Summit Meeting between Korea & Germany, President Moon carried out a leader role with Germany, G20 Presidency which strengthens international cooperation systems in G20 Summit as well.

Staff reporter Kim Hyo-jung

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